Light and Shadow Magazine Issue #2

A while back Really Right Stuff (the makers of the tripods and bullheads I use) released a free magazine called Light and Shadow. In the latest issue (Issue #2), I contributed an article on post processing one of my photos. It’s an older photo from a trip to Norway I took way back. But still one of my favorites.

Download the Photo
You can download the photo I used in this tutorial here.

Plus, there’s a ton of other great articles in the magazine. I think you’ll find it’s got a really nice mix of everything from landscape photography, to travel, sports, wildlife and everything in between. And did I mention the magazine was free to download? Yep! Here’s the link.


PS: Thanks for all of the good wishes during the latest hurricane that hit Florida. Me and everyone else I know is safe and sound. Nobody in this area sustained major damage and (if you can believe it)… even during 90+ MPH winds we never lost power. Not once! That’s totally crazy. I had the generator ready to go and having lived here for 25 years we thought it was an absolute certainty that we’d be without power for at least a couple of days. Anyway… thanks again!


Dennis Zito

Great news Matt that all is okay with you and your family!! It is crazy that you didn’t loss power! Here in San Antonio, the slightest lightening and power is out! 🙂

Take care and thanks for the info on the magazine. I’ll check it out!



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