A while back Really Right Stuff (the makers of the tripods and bullheads I use) released a free magazine called Light and Shadow. In the latest issue (Issue #2), I contributed an article on post processing one of my photos. It’s an older photo from a trip to Norway I took way back. But still one of my favorites.

Download the Photo
You can download the photo I used in this tutorial here.

Plus, there’s a ton of other great articles in the magazine. I think you’ll find it’s got a really nice mix of everything from landscape photography, to travel, sports, wildlife and everything in between. And did I mention the magazine was free to download? Yep! Here’s the link.


PS: Thanks for all of the good wishes during the latest hurricane that hit Florida. Me and everyone else I know is safe and sound. Nobody in this area sustained major damage and (if you can believe it)… even during 90+ MPH winds we never lost power. Not once! That’s totally crazy. I had the generator ready to go and having lived here for 25 years we thought it was an absolute certainty that we’d be without power for at least a couple of days. Anyway… thanks again!


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