You probably know I’ve been a big fan of Lightroom mobile lately. My phone has become a major part of my photography. I’m realizing where it’s place is, and that I don’t always have to pull out my “big-boy” camera. But managing those photos has been a problem – and Lightroom Mobile has helped me finally figure out how to integrate the phone photos, with my main photo library.

But, it’s pretty clear that Adobe has been trying to be more than just a way to manage and edit photos on the phone – they’re trying to be the camera you take those photos with as well. And they just stepped it up a notch on the capture/camera side in LR Mobile, by adding in-camera HDR merging (iOS and… yep… Android too). Now, in addition to the Auto and Professional modes, you’ll see there’s an HDR shooting mode as well.



How HDR in Lightroom Mobile Works?

The way it works is the camera in Lightroom Mobile looks at the scene and figures out a range in which it falls in to. Then it takes 3 full resolution DNG photos to capture that range. Finally, it aligns them, merges, deghosts, and tonemaps them right inside the app.



It’s all a pretty simple process and doesn’t interrupt your shooting. From what I’ve seen, it does take a minute for LR Mobile to merge/process the HDR file until you can edit it. But that’s about it.

As you can imagine, dynamic range has always been a problem on our mobile phones. I have times where I know I can get the same photo with my phone, and times where I know that I need my Sony camera. Whenever I’m shooting in to, or even close to, the sun is one of those times I usually pull out the big camera to get the shot.

The photo you saw above (and below) would have been really difficult to capture with my phone. But with HDR mode, I was able to get a lot of detail in the trees without totally blowing out the sky. Pretty cool stuff!


A Few More Updates

Adobe snuck in a few more updates to LR Mobile. Things like:

  1. Exporting originals from the app
  2. Speed review/rating gestures to speed up the review process
  3. And a new Force Touch widget to let you get to the LR Mobile camera faster.

And of course you can read more about it, and all of the supported cameras, and operating systems, from Josh Haftel, over on Adobe’s Lightroom Journal website.

Have a good one!



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