Here’s a random Wednesday thought on attending live events. I just got back from Photoshop World in Las Vegas. The conferences ended Friday, but wifey and I love Vegas, so we stayed a little extra for some play time ?

Anyway, I had a friend that was attending. We’ll call him Bert. Bert was in a bit of a creative slump. Had a few things changing in his life recently, and was a little reluctant to go seeing as it was around he and his wife’s anniversary. But I convinced him to go (sorry Bert’s wife!). 

Not only did he have a great time, but he made some great connections and got inspired as well. I received a text message from him afterward telling me how wonderful of a trip he had, and how thankful he was that he pulled the trigger and attended. 

I know people sometimes think that just about all courses and education is online now. And, in way, they’re right. So much is online.

But there’s something you miss online. For starters, every time I finish I course, I think of 10 things I wish I put in it. I can’t add it to the course, but I can add it to my live presentations. 

But more than that, it’s about the people. I don’t work there anymore and I have no idea of the numbers. But I can tell you that Photoshop World seemed as alive and thriving as I can ever remember it. I looked around at the keynote room and it was packed! We’re not talking a few hundred people either.

But beyond the numbers… People there are SOOOO freaking excited. Maybe even more so than at other conferences I go to, because there’s so much education happening at every moment you’re there. If you’re one to hustle and keep every moment busy, then you’ll find plenty to do. 

I seriously couldn’t walk 20 feet without some one stopping me and saying how excited they were to be there. About how much they were learning from everyone, and the overall experience they were getting.

Anyway, I said attending live events was about the people and I really think it is. My friend Bert met some great people there. Of course you tend to learn a ton at live events because they force you to be engaged. But even more than that, when you meet people there – and keep in touch – now you have this steady stream of inspiration and learning happening after the event as well. 

So… I hope if you have a chance to attend a Photoshop World or a live event somewhere else, and think “Well… can’t I just learn this online?…”, you consider these thoughts. In this day and age of everybody spending all day with their faces down in their phones, it was sure refreshing to get out there and talk to people, and get motivated all over again. 

Have a good one!

(Note: Photos snagged off Scott’s blog) 🙂


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