Over the last three weeks I was fortunate enough to get to try out a pre-release copy of the new Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 GM II lens. Sony gave the lens to a few different photographers with various genres and they asked me to photograph some wildlife with it to I could share my thoughts.

What’s New?

The biggest update to the lens is the weight. It is 1/3 less weight than the previous version which is HUGE. A 70-200mm is a staple in many people’s kits and the previous version was just plain heavy. You’ll find Internet forums and reviews that all talk about this.

Sony Alpha 1 + 70-200mm GM II | f/5.6 | 1/3200th

Well, they managed to make a lens that actually takes even better quality photos and weights 1/3 less. I realize these are all numbers, but the main thing I can say is that it’s noticeable. When you pick up version 1 of this lens, it just feels heavy. When you pick up this lens it feels like a feather compared to the other one. If you’re some one that holds this lens all day, you WILL notice this in a heart beat.

Aperture Ring

They also added an aperture ring to the lens. It’s something that none of my wildlife zoom lenses have, and I had no idea I would like. But after using it, I actually became a big fan of the aperture ring for wildlife.

Sony Alpha 1 + 70-200mm GM II | f/5.6 | 1/1000 th


At this point I could share more photos and write a lot but I found it a lot easier to do a video. In the video I’ll share more photos, the good and bad about the lens as well as whether or not I’ll end up keeping it in my wildlife bag.


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