I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. I finished mine off last night by throwing a couple of beers in a cooler, and heading to a place about 20 minutes from my home called Honeymoon Island (in Dunedin, FL). I’ve been to Honeymoon Island a bunch of times. In fact, you’ll notice this post was titled “Another Sunset…”. That’s because I posted a photo of another sunset (from a different location on the island) a while back. This time, I went to a spot I just found on a different part of the island.

SIDE NOTEReally quick, before we get started – I’m doing a free webcast on Wednesday on how I use Lightroom and onOne’s Perfect Effects together for my landscape photos. Here’s the link to their webcast page if you want to sign up. The last few have sold out, so make sure you grab a spot. Okay, on to the rest of the post…

The Weather

As always, the weather is interesting here in our Florida summers. Sunset was at 8:30pm. At 7:00, there was lots of clouds, at 7:30 there were less. And, while there was some weather rolling in behind me, there was a lot of clear sky in between so I figured it would never make it here by sunset.


What do I know right? 🙂 At about 8:00 it was almost like a light switch went off and it became windy and gray. I noticed some weather getting closer so I grabbed my camera and took a photo behind me. Nothing award-winning, but it gives you an idea of what was rolling in. And it was rolling in fast. At that point, the left-over weekend beach-goers started packing up quickly and almost running off the beach. I didn’t even think I’d make it out there until sunset. But then it started to calm down a little and the really bad weather stayed mostly to the south of where I was so I hung around.

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Waiting it Out

As sunset got closer, I started worrying that too many clouds were going to roll in and that it would block the sunset all together. But I got pretty lucky. The sky cooperated and I got a nice amount of color and drama all mixed together. Here’s my favorite photo of the evening. The long exposure from my 6-stop ND filter smoothed out the water nicely. And that last warm light from the sun on that piling in front of me really helped.

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Photo Details

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Canon 24-70mm
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVC-33 and BH-55 Ballhead
Shutter Speed: 25 sec.
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/11

Filter: Lee Little Stopper 6-stop ND filter
Post Processing: I processed this on in Lightroom, some touch-ups in Photoshop, and finished it off with the Dynamic Contrast filter in onOne Perfect Effects.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one!


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