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Image will open in new tab and you can right-click to save it to your computer.

Image will open in new tab and you can right-click to save it to your computer.

The biggest composition challenge I have is…


  1. Tammy Robin

    I have tried everything I have read and can not download the textures… :{
    why are they showing html? I would love to have the textures
    Please inform

  2. Saundra krieger

    Thank you for a very clear understanding of how to make a texture! What I don’t understand is how to save your textures in photoshop and than how to use them? Can you recommend where I could find this information

  3. Sherry Laflamme

    I love making my own textures. Your cloud method is really cool. I will give that one a try. Hadn’t thought of using screen or multiply. Also how to make my own texture brushes is so helpful. Thanks, Matt, for sharing. I have had so much fun with your texture course.

  4. Michael

    Matt, great tutorial, love your approach. I have tried to download the two textures with Safari, Firefox and Chrome, I get only a webarchive page, I have tried to right click and I don’t see any “view image info” so How do I get the textures.

    • Michael

      Matt, I figured it out, just had to do a few more steps

      Great textures,

  5. Suzanne Walker

    At the very beginning, you pull up your cloud image in Camera Raw to crop? I have the newest CC version, but in CR i don’t see a crop tool. I reset all the tools, but I still don’t find it. Please advise.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Hi Suzanne – if you open a raw photo the crop tool is where you see it in my video. If you go to though the Camera Raw Filter (in the Filter menu) Cropping will not be available because it assumes you’ll crop in the main PS interface.

      • Suzanne Walker

        AH! Thank you. I won’t keep searching then.

  6. Sherry Lawrence

    Awesome tutorial. Thank you for sharing your talent!!

  7. Michael J Cohen

    Thanks Matt. I love your content and appreciate the free lessons you make available.

  8. Mary

    Hi there, Matt!

    WOW!!! That texture tutorial really ROCKS! Thank you so much for sharing all the professional tips and tricks you’ve used to make it. My own textures will certainly benefit. I’ve been a long-time follower of your tutorial videos from your stint on the Kelby TV website (before Kelby One). Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you! ♥

  9. Ona

    Great explanation of the workflow. I’ve been trying for weeks to create my own textures and this has shown me where I was going wrong. Thanks for the information.

  10. Danelle Jones

    Matt, your instructions under Bonus video #2 do not work. “Download the Texture I Made
    Image will open in new tab and you can right-click to save it to your computer.” When I right click on either of these two textures, all I get is an option to “save as” and when I click on this, the only choice is a “Html” or similiar file type extensions that refer to web pages.

    I am looking forward to the next texture packs on Thursday.

    • Mary

      Hi Danelle!

      I had the same problem as you but I think I figured a way around it.

      1. Click the button “Download the texture I made”
      2. On my Firefox browser, I get an enlarged pop up with two textures rotating through a slide show.

      THE TRICK:
      3. When the image in the slide show is showing the image you want to download, right-click on the image.
      4. This brings up a pop-up box on my browser. I click on the option “View Image Info”
      5. This brings up another box about the image. Click on the “Media” tab to look at the URLs for all the images connected to that section of the webpage. The URLs are in a little window as a list.
      6. Click on the URL at the top of the list to higlight it. This will activate the list and make the image connected to the highlighted URL show in the preview box under the list. Scroll down through the URLs using your down arrow key until you see the image you want in the preview box.
      7. In the space between List window and Preview window of the Media tab, is the information about the image in the preview. The size/dimensions in pixels is listed–you’ll want the image that’s 3000 pixels on a side. That way you know you’ve the right image and not a thumbnail.
      8. Right click on the URL in the List window and copy it. Paste it to a new tab and hit Enter. This will give you a way to look at the image in full size.
      9. If it’s the image and the size/resolution you’re looking for, just right-click on the image in the new tab to save and store as usual.
      10. If it’s not the image you were looking for, go back to the Media tab and scroll through the list some more.

      You can skip Steps 8 through 10 if you decide to utilize the “Save As” button that shows up next to the image dimensions in the Media tab/Image Info box. I generally don’t use it as I like to double check the image by opening the image URL in a new tab.

  11. Sandy

    Great tutorial! I’ve been trying to make my own textures and didn’t get very far on my own. THANKS for sharing.

  12. Eric Schweitzer

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. My camera club requires us to make textures from our own images and not use a texture made by someone else. This will definitely be helpful.

  13. Dale

    Excellent. Will now order your Wildlife video. Thanks

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Thanks Dale!

  14. Anne Brooks

    I love your tutorial, Matt. It’s the best I’ve found on the internet for blending textures. One thing I’m having trouble with is that you didn’t show how to place the texture along with the image under the layers panel in the beginning. I can see your texture and image both shown. I have opened my image and opened a texture, but I can only see one at a time under the layers panel. I can’t see both of them together. I’m sort of a newbie here, and can you tell me more explicitly how to get the texture and the image showing in the layers panel at the same time. I can’t go further if I don’t know how to do that. Thanks so much.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Hi Anne. You’d probably want to look for a resource on layers for that. The texture blending is a late beginner type of tutorial. Meaning you’d need basic understanding of layers and how to open and add images to layers to use it. My Photoshop System course has a big section on Layers if you’re interested. Mattk.com/photoshopsystem

  15. Craig

    There is also a flow and blending option on the layers list. How does that relate, since you are not painting with those options. They are automatic.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Hi Craig. There is no “flow” setting for a layer. There is a fill setting in the Layers panel but that does something different and it’s not like flow. Thanks.

  16. Barbara Kuebler

    Beautiful blend of color

  17. Bill Caskey

    Love the texture blending course. Looking forward to the new stuff.

  18. Shara Abel

    Excellent and clear demonstration! Matt, thank you, I always expand my knowledge and enjoy your easy breezy presentations! You make my work so much easier!

  19. Marcia Goldsmith

    My biggest issue is where my brushes are and how to organize them so I am using the right one, i.e. soft round I think I have it down then I get messed up by using another one. Really simple I know but I love blending and I want to use the best brush

  20. Andie Parton

    The texture blending course changed everything! I had no idea that I could eliminate bad backgrounds and bring things to life: flowers, animals, many, many of my still life’s, portraits.
    I have a few little issues: one is the difficulty in adequately getting my selections right. The other is that when I decide to make changes to my texture layer such as hue and saturation adjustment, it creates a new layer that messes me up. In your course I couldn’t see your hue and saturation level.

  21. Janice Halphen

    Great explanation of flow. Never quite understood, now I do. Thanks. Can’t wait for new texture pack!

  22. Matt

    My issue with texture blending is I don’t have enough time in the day to make as many images as I’d like! 🙂


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