Hey everyone. First off I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who came out for my Lightroom seminar in Phoenix on Friday. I say this all the time, but I’m continually fortunate to have some of the best audiences I could ever hope for and let me tell ya’… Phoenix rocked it. What a great welcoming crowd and even though it’s me up there talking to over 400 people (you’d think it’s not interactive), we had an absolute blast. My next stop is in Boston on May 21st, but it’s not on the Kelby Training website yet so I’m not putting a link. But if you’re in Boston, start making plans because it’s locked in.

Next, I’m heading out to shoot golf today so I’m a little light on the blog here. I’ve never really shot golf before so I probably have more gear packed than I’d ever use. But I’m sure I’ll shed some of it as the day goes on. I’ll be back tomorrow with some photos and some stories/recap of how the day went. Have a good one!


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