I was going through my photo library the other day and came across the photo here. It’s a photo I took about 5 years ago in Moab. I thought, “huh… that could be pretty cool if I re-processed it”. I mean, the sliders and effects and filters that we have today are far beyond what we had 5 years ago. Not to mention that I’ve refined my post-processing style quite a bit in the last 5 years too.

So I opened it up in Lightroom 4 and used the newer 2012 Process Version on it. I was able to really pull back the highlights in the clouds, use the Graduated Filter on the sky, and bring out some detail in the overall photo with clarity. Then I jumped into Photoshop and cleaned up some spots with the Spot Healing Brush and Content Aware (again, not around 5 years ago). Finally I finished it up with onOne’s Perfect Effects with some Tonal Contrast, color adjustments and a vignette.

When I got done, I was really psyched to see a photo that I’d long forgotten about brought back to life. It ended up leading to me sitting at my desk for about 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon going through old photos and re-processing them. Here’s a few more.

This one was taken in the Palouse region of Washington state. I never did much with it when I took it, but re-processing it brought it back to life for me.

This is another photo that I never did much with when I first processed it. But I ended up really like what I did with it with a little bit of time passing and a fresh set of eyes on it.

Your Weekend Project And A Question
So the question to you is, do you ever go back and re-process your photos from years (or months) ago? Do you also find looking thru a photo shoot after some time has gone by, gives you a different perspective on those photos? And while you’re around this weekend, try sitting down and looking through some older photos and see if you don’t come up with something new that you hadn’t thought of before. It’s a great exercise and I bet you’ll end up spending a lot more time with it than you originally set out to.

Coming Next Week
Just to let you know, I’ve written my post with my Death Valley photos so I’ll post that. And I’ve also got a post about my thoughts on the Nikon 24mm f/1.4 and why I liked it so much.

Have a great weekend!


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