Last December, I traveled to Sacramento for one of my Lightroom seminars. I did as I always do and checked the map to see what’s close to Sacramento and I noticed that Lake Tahoe was only a couple of hours away. So I called up one of my absolute favorite people in this business, Karen Hutton (who lives nearby), to see if she wanted to go shoot. Not only did she say yes, but she also asked if I would be a part of her “The Chat” series of videos. I’ve always been a fan of Karen’s style and videos so I jumped at the chance. And below, is the result of many hours of arduous work between the two of us (actually just Karen, all I had to do was sit there) 🙂

So What’s the Video About
The video is about 17 minutes long. So as to not take up too much of your time, I’ll give you the run down of what we talked about. First, she picked me up and there’s a little talk in the car about where we were going and why. From there, it jumps to us sitting along the lake chatting about shooting that morning, what kinds of things I looked for in the sunrise shoot, and about me, my job and some of my photographic thoughts (by the way, “me” is my favorite topic) 😉

Big thanks to Karen for inviting me. If you haven’t ever seen her website, she is an extremely talented photographer, writer, voice over artist, and highly skilled at so many things it’ll spin your head. So make sure you stop by her site as well. Thanks Karen!!!


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