I’m in love with this country. I mentioned on the blog here that I was teaching in Norway. Well, I’ve been here since last Wednesday and I’m totally in love with this country. The light is magical (well, at least from what I’ve seen). See, sunset is around 10:45pm and sunrise is around 4am. That means it basically never gets dark. It’s like a constant state of twilight for those 5+ hours. More than that though, when the sun is setting, you get that amazing light for like 2 hours. It’s crazy. I’m so used to having a 10-20 minute window to shoot with at sunset back home. The other night, I started thinking the light was getting really good around 8pm so I grabbed my camera and went out shooting. Next thing you know I was shooting for another 3 hours and it just kept getting better.

Here’s a photo I took in a town called Aurland after a beautiful train ride into a town called Flåm. Normally, during sunset, you’d have a brief minute to capture light like this. But the soft beams of light on the side of the hills just kept changing and happening over and over again for an hour.
(you have to click to see it larger)

MJK_5826 copy

Thanks for being understanding of the light blog days while I travel. I’ll post more with some stories when I get back. Have a good one!


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