I was looking through my photos from my trip to the California coast and Big Sur last December, and I came across a photo that I barely remember taking. I’m assuming I’m not the only one that goes through their photos (like I did after the trip) and heads straight to the photos that they know were some of their favorites just by looking at the thumbnails in a grid view. The problem with that is sometimes you miss photos that may be really good because they don’t immediately jump out at you as a small thumbnail. That’s exactly what happened here.

(you really need to click on the photo to see it larger)

The Story
I woke up one morning to shoot sunrise along the Big Sur coastline. I was above the fog layer and wound up chasing photos for about 10 miles down the coast, stopping constantly to shoot different views. As the sun came up I was driving into some fog and this is what I saw ahead of me. Something about the backlit trees, dappled light, god beams and angle of the road made me think “Wow, that looks cool!”. I debated on whether to turn around or not, and I actually made it to the bend in the road you see in this photo before I did a U-ey and went back to the view you see above.

The Gear
The gear was really simple here. It was my Nikon D800 with my Nikon 16-35mm lens. Aperture was f/16 and shutter speed was 1/45 second. No tripod (although I probably should have at 1/45 second, but I think I propped my camera on the roof of the car), no filters, no nuttin’. I just got out of my car. Snapped about 10 photos from different angles and got back in. The whole process couldn’t have taken more than 2 minutes from the time I decided to turn the car around.

So… the question of the day… does that ever happen to you? One of your favorite photos from a trip is nothing like what you thought you’d get when you embarked on that trip? Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one!


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