I realize that landscape photographers were probably the last people the Tide Trac App makers had in mind when creating this Tide Trac app, but I’ve got to say I really like it so far. I love to photograph the water and the tides make a big difference. If it’s high tide, and I know I’m going somewhere with rocks in the foreground, I may not go because I know the rocks will be covered. It kinda just helps me decide where I want to go shoot based on what places I know look good at certain tides.

I first heard about it from a blog reader here (Alexandra), so I downloaded it right away. Now, I wasn’t expecting much from a tide tracking app. In fact, I just wanted an easy way on my phone (without going to a web browser) to see the tides. But this one definitely over-delivered for me.

As you’d imagine It uses your current location and shows you the tide information. But I think the best part about it was that it’s visual. I always get lost in those charts that boaters use so, for me at least, it’s simpler to just look at a graph with the time of day to see if it’s high or low tide.

3 Things I Liked

  1. It let’s you set favorites. I don’t actually live/work right on the water. In fact, I’m closer to the bay here in Tampa, so when I want to look at the tides, I want to look at them for the beach, not the bay (very different times). The favorites section makes it easy for me to do this.
  2. It’s got this little slider that let’s you slide back and forth during the day to see what the tide will be at a specific time. It also shows you sunrise/sunset times so I don’t have to go to another app to find out.
  3. With a quick swipe of the screen you can see the tide info for the next 4 days, which helps out if you’re trying to plan a shoot. Of course, you can choose any day from the calendar and look ahead as far as you want, but it was nice to quickly see what the next few days were gonna be like.


Only Thing I Didn’t Like

The only thing I didn’t like was the little swiper/scroll thingee to scroll through the tides as a specific time in the day. It’s at the bottom of the app, so it kept thinking I just wanted to swipe through the screens, rather than the scroll bar it had. Not horrible but it does annoy me just a bit 🙂

The app is $2.99 on the App Store. There were a couple of free ones but they either didn’t have the visual features that this one has, or they had ads. And this app was by far the highest rated out of all of them. So, if you live near the water (or are traveling to it), it’s definitely $2.99 well spent.

Have a great weekend!


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