Hey everyone. First off, if you’ve noticed me a bit absent lately, it’s because I’ve totally been taking it easy over the holiday. I finished my last Lightroom seminar on Dec. 13th, and really pulled back on as much as I could, so I could enjoy some holiday time with my kids to watch as many holiday movies as we could, and cram in as much xBox time as possible 😉 I’ll resume a more regular schedule in the beginning of January though.

Anyway, I recently downloaded Topaz Labs new Star Effects plug-in. As a landscape photographer, I love shooting in to the sun. I usually close my aperture to around f/16 and try to get that nice star effect of the sun just as it’s on the tip of hitting the horizon or some other element in the photo (and yes, my photos are still plenty sharp at f/16 for all of you lens geek/techies).

So I gave it a try on a photo I took at Clearwater beach, which is about 30 minutes from where I live. The sun had just went behind a cloud and I couldn’t get the sun-star I was looking for as it happened. But Star Effects definitely helped out.

Here’s the before/after photos. It’s pretty subtle but I like it. I don’t want the star to be overpowering, so I found using a light setting worked out really well.

(If you click to see them larger you can scroll from one photo to the next to get a better idea. )



Photo Details:
• Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
• Lens: Canon 16-35mm
• Post-processing: Lightroom 5 and onOne Perfect Effects with Star Effects

Looks like Topaz has a special until next week (12/31) where you can get it for about $15. Not to bad eh? Definitely worth a try.
Have a good one!


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