An Update to My 60 Second Photoshop Tips (and Lightroom + more)

Last year I started a series called 60 Second Photoshop Tips. It’s based on a series I used to do years ago where I did quick one-ish minute tips. I also added some 60 Second Lightroom Tips to it too (Just click the Photoshop link in the menu at the top and you can see them)

The series did fantastic and got a ton of great feedback. I think that one minute timeframe is perfect for the quick fix – and you don’t have to invest a lot of time to learn something really fast (though I have longer videos too). Well, I was working on more over the holidays, so I figured I’d give you an update on my plans to continue.

I Heard Your Feedback (And I’m Making Changes)

First off, I heard your feedback loud and clear and I’m going to make some changes because of it.

1) One popular request was a list of all the tips in one place. I totally get it. A lot of times, we see a tip or shortcut and totally forget what it was or where we saw it. So, I’m going to offer a free PDF list of all of the tips for those that are on my email/website community. Here’s an example of what it’ll look like. But it’ll have all of the tips in it. And it’s a PDF, so you can just press Cmd/Ctrl – F to search through it.


2) Another popular request was to give you the option to download the tips to watch later. I know some of you have commutes, or travel, or just situations where you have the chance to binge-watch the tips. After all, they’re just a minute long. So it’s perfect for that kind of thing. So I’m going to make a page (again, for my email/website members) to let you download the tips as well.

3) And even more of you asked for tips in other areas (like photography and camera tips). I think it’s a great idea, so I’ll be adding “60 Second Sony Tips” (since that’s what I shoot) and “60 Second Photography Tips” to the mix as well.

It all starts this week, so stay tuned. Make sure you’re on my email list and I’ll be sending out an update. Well, let’s be honest… if you read last week’s posts about who really runs stuff around here, you know Diana will be doing it 🙂 And if you’re not sure if you’re on the list, no sweat. You can add your email anyway, and it won’t hurt anything or duplicate if you already are. It’ll actually let you know right there if you are or not. Have a good one!


Marcia Zeigler

Wow! these are great ideas…I love the organizing listing and the New Tips for Sony (I shoot Sony 6300 while traveling…my neck just couldn’t handle the Canon another day,,not 1 more day ever)

Haya Gray

The tips are being send to my phone. Can you please change it so I get the tips in my gmail?

Matt K

Hello Haya – that’s something you’d have to do on your side. All of our emails go to your email address. But we can’t change how they get delivered once they’re there. Sounds like there’s something on your phone that’s picking them up.


Hi Matt. I signed up for your email list, but don’t have the one with the PDF list. How can I have it sent to me again?

Thanks in advance


Hi Matt, I’ve also been signed up but don’t seem to have the one with the PDF list. Thanks in advance for sending the link. And thanks in general – love your teaching technique.


I’m afraid I’m another who didn’t get the email with the pdf link etc.


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