Hey there everyone! I’m just getting back from teaching some workshops in Costa Rica, but I wanted to share some of the new features in the latest update to Lightroom (Lightroom 7.4 Released on June 20th, 2018).

Of course you have your normal camera and lens profile updates. But they did add the ability to manage your Preset and Profile libraries to show and hide things that you don’t want to see anymore. They’ve also added Color Labeled Folders, some HEIC Support for Mac OS 10.3, and a preference that let’s you turn off the preset preview option when you hover over a photo.

But my favorite feature of all is that your own custom Presets and Profiles can now be used on your mobile devices and tablets. You will have to use Lightroom CC (not classic) to at least import the presets/profiles so they’ll sync. Look for a video coming on that one soon.

Anyway, if you want to check out a video about all the new stuff, just have a look below. Enjoy!


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