If you have the CC version of Lightroom, Adobe snuck a new feature in there (as well as some camera and lens updates) last week. If you get the update, you’ll actually see a screen the next time you launch Lightroom that show’s you what’s new. Mostly it’s performance updates and new support for cameras and lenses. But they did sneak in a new feature called Reference View.

Lightroom CC’s New Reference View

So what is Reference View. Well, it’s a way to let you compare a “reference” photo while editing another photo in the Develop module. Let’s say you saw a cool style on a photo and you want to try to reverse engineer it in the Develop module. Or maybe you’re shooting an event with lighting that was changing constantly and you want all of the photos from the event to have a similar style. Reference View let’s you pull up a photo along side of the photo you’re editing to use as a reference. I did a quick 4 minute video about it below, so you can check that out to see how it works.

So if you’re wondering what’s new in Lightroom CC that pretty much covers the December 2016 update. Thanks for stopping by! Have a good one 🙂


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