What’s New in Lightroom Mobile 2.8 (July 2017 updates)


I’ve been a big fan of Lightroom mobile for the past couple of years. So much so that I’ve incorporated Lightroom mobile into my training classes every chance I get. Which is why I’m really excited Adobe just released an update that brings the two most requested features I hear about to the latest version of the app. And they totally redid the iPad app so it’s much more usable, and actually makes the iPad editing experience more fluid from my first few weeks using it.

  1. The Adjustment Brush – Yes! It’s here. I’ve watched people ever since they added the selective adjustments (radial and grad filters) use Lightroom mobile and they’d all ask the same question… where’s the brush? Well now it’s here.
  2. Sharpening and Noise Reduction – sure these were available as an adjustment with the selective adjustments. But you couldn’t just add them to your photo like you could on the desktop until now.
  3. The iPad – until now the iPad app always felt a little off. But this latest version has all the bells and whistles that the phone app does, but it’s made for the iPad and takes advantage of the screen real estate in a better way.

The Video

I can write all about it, but honestly the features are pretty simple to use and find, so I just recorded a quick video that goes over the new phone additions as well as the whole newly remodeled iPad app. Enjoy!

Full Feature List

If you’re a listy kind-of person, here’s a feature list 🙂

  • Of course, the adjustment brush (woo hoo!)
  • The new Sharpening and Noise reduction edits
  •  Live Clipping warning in the LR Mobile camera
  • Straightening feature in the LR Mobile camera. It’s got the cool pulsing feedback feature (I think it’s called Haptic, but nobody really knows that word) 🙂
  • The Erase tool now works in the Radial and Graduated filters so you can erase part of the adjustment
  • The iPad interface has undergone a huge change and it’s now more like Lightroom on the phone
  • The Android phone interface has undergone some big changes too.

The Free Course

I also did a free course on Lightroom mobile last fall. Everything in it is just about the same, and I’m going to put a couple of updates for the brush and sharpening controls shortly. But here’s the link to the free course. (Click Here)



Thanks Matt. Always appreciate free tips vs having to stumble on it. I will be sure to share your site on Facebook.

Sara Strawson

I have just checked the iPad update out and you are so right, it is miles better. I did use it occasionally before but the improvement means it is so much easier to adjust photos.

Thanks for the videos, I am now going to work my way through the workshop!

Chad E

Matt, are these updates only for the iPhone and iPad? I updated my app on my new Samsung Galaxy 8 and no brush. Thanks for everything you do!

Jimmy McElroy

Had no idea what to do with LR mobile until I watched this useful course today. I’ll be using it regularly from now on.


Paul Casey

The thing I like most about the update – at least the Android version – is the new Filter. Before, I couldn’t find any way just to show my 2 star or 3 star pictures and filter either the collection or All Photos. Now it’s there! Thanks for the other info – I haven’t had enough time to play with the other new features yet.


Steve Bryson

After viewing your video, I updated LR mobile. I like the new features, but have to say I really don’t like the new interface. It steals a lot of real estate from the image to make room for the slider bars. Is any way to revert back to the prior version?


Matt: Thank you~ Question: The pics I take with the iphone are not reverting back into my descktop lightroom. I can’t find were to set it to sync. I don’t want my phone camera to sync but just my Lightroom Camera to sync. Thanks, hope you can help~ Maureen


With the new Lightroom mobile updates. How far can I go with using an IPad Pro? I realized I could not bring a photo into Photoshop, but what are the other limitations? Is this a good way to go?

Matt K

Hi Rob. I think there’s a certain accuracy and degree of editing on the computer the you don’t get on an iPad. Plus the apps on the iPad just aren’t there yet. Close… but for me not quite there 🙂

Michael Ehrmann

In lightroom mobile I imported jpg files from a shoot so we could view them, rate and do some crops. They synced perfectly with lightroom on my PC. My question now is how do I replace the jpgs on the pc with the raw files? I know when LR can’t find the images you can repoint to the new location, but can’t find how to do it if the images still exist.
Other part if my question is will the raw files now all end up back on my iPad taking up space?

Matt K

Hi Michael – there really is no “replace” feature. If you brought in JPGs on LR Mobile (Phone or tablet) that’s what’s going to be there. You can’t replace them with anything other than importing new photos. The other part of the question… when you bring in files from your Laptop/Desktop in to LR – when they sync to your phone/tablet they will only sync smaller versions (usually 2000-ish pixel in with). Thx.

Michael Ehrmann


Can I bring raw files into LR mobile? If so, do those raw files sync to my desktop? If so, that will solve my issues except for long transfer times. My hope was to do a shoot, copy the jpgs into LR mobile and do basic edits and send out for newspaper use and social media. Once back to the office I would have liked to load my raw files and have all my ratings, exposure changes, crops, etc. Any suggestions?

Matt K

Yes, you can bring raw photos in to LRM and they’ll sync to the desktop. Just remember, you’re limited by the amount of storage on your device though because LRM is always going to keep a copy there as well.

Michael Ehrmann

Obviously keeping raw files on a mobile device is a space killer. That’s why I’d love Adobe to allow the importing of jpgs on LRM and then replacing them with the raw files on the desktop since Importing and syncing jpgs is much faster than raw. Another option would be the ability to remove the raw files for your mobile device and have it pull smaller versions from the cloud.
Actually that gives me an idea. If I imported raw files, did my edits and let them sync to my desktop. Then on my desktop I create a folder and drag the files into it so they are backed up. After that I can create a new collection on my desktop from this folder and when it syncs to LRM I’ll have smaller versions on my mobile device. I can then delete the original collection which has the raw files. It’s extra steps, but would that work?

I’m bringing the files in via a card reader in the lightning port. Is there anyway to import straight into LRM or do they have to go to the camera roll first?

Matt K

Hey Michael – I’m not sure. I’ve never done it before. But I don’t think so from looking at the app.

Laurent M.

Unfortunately Adobe removed the ability to quickly go through the images in full format and rate and reject them only by swiping up or down. Especially on the new iPad Pro with the Pencil, this was a very welcoming way to select images after importing them. 🙁

Otherwise the new App seems pretty fine, but that’s a bugger (for me).


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