Really quick… I forgot to mention in the email that I posted some photos from my Eagle photography trip last week. Click here to see them.

UPDATE: I found out that Apple made a change to their OS which required Adobe to make this change. So if you’re wondering why would they make the change I’m about to show you in this video, blame Apple now Adobe 🙂

New Video… I’ve seen a lot of questions asking why the May 2021 Update to Photoshop broke the ability to save a JPG in Photoshop. Well, it actually didn’t break it and it works mostly the same it always has. However, there’s a better way to save a JPG. I’ll share the change as well as my preferred way to save the JPG in this video.

During the video you’ll also see a photo of some US Coast Guard aircraft. While I thanked our armed services, Memorial Day is coming up this weekend in the US, and I just wanted to take a quick moment to honor the fallen from our armed services who died while performing their duties. Thank you.


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