Hey everyone. I’ve had a few people notice that my website (MattKloskowski.com) recently went from just a portfolio site to a blog too. Since I already run a blog over at LightroomKillerTips.com I thought I’d take a quick minute to write a little about why I did this.

Why a New Blog?
It’s actually pretty simple. I think because of the name of the site (LightroomKillerTips.com) that people who visit expect Lightroom tutorials, presets, tips, news, etc… I personally always feel a little weird when I write non-Lightroom stuff on that site because I know there’s a disconnect. But I realized I have lots of other stuff I want to write about. I work full time for NAPP and want to write about Photoshop. I’m a photographer and have lots of topics that I think would help people out, but they just don’t seem to fit on a Lightroom site. I’m the co-Editor of a lighting magazine called Light It and there’s always cool people/gear/things I come across from doing that. Plus, in my experience, when people follow some one on a blog/website/social media page, they typically like to know other things about that person. I know personally that I follow people in golf (because I’m interested in golf). And I like it when they post a little bit about themselves once in a while. We tend not to just follow contentโ€ฆ we tend to follow the person too. So you’ll find all kinds of stuff here that just doesn’t make sense on a Lightroom website.

Why Is It Called “The Ski Report”?
Those of you that know Scott, know that he always needs a nickname for people. So he started calling me “ski” because, well, it was obviously shorter than saying my last name. I, of course, didn’t complain because before that my nickname was Matt Rockin’ the House-ski Kloskowski. So “ski” seemed like a step up. It ended up being pretty catchy (although the rockin the house-ski thing did surprisingly well). I’ll walk around conferences and seminars and hear people calling out “Ski!” all the time. Then a couple of years ago Scott called me when he was traveling and said “Gimmee the ski report”. I laughed and mentioned that had a cool ring to it, and he suggested I check to see if that URL was taken (which of course it is – by people that actually would like to ski). When I thought about starting my own site I realized it needed a name, so that’s what I went with.

So anyway, I hope that gives you a little insight into what I’m doing here. And I hope you’ll check back a few times a week. I’ll most likely post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. There’s no guarantee that a Tuesday or Thursday post won’t pop in there, especially if I have something timely I want to get out there. Thanks! Hope to see you back soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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