Hey everyone, I’m out at the Great Smoky Mountains Photo Summit this week, but I wanted to let you in on the big news. ON1 Photo 10 has officially been released and if you pre-ordered you should be getting your emails with download instructions today. Everyone here at the conference is having a total blast, and I’m amazed at how much excitement there is around this release. People are truly excited about getting the new version (either that or they’re being really nice to me) 😉

What’s New in Photo 10?

Of course you can head over to the ON1 site to find out what’s new. But here’s a quick list of my favorites:

  1. Effects has totally been redesigned from the ground up and is much easier and faster to add your favorite style and effect to your photos.
  2. Effects has brand new Color Grading and Dehazing presets.
  3. Browse is even faster, and has new features like Smart Albums and a lot of other little tweaks to make it easier to use
  4. Portrait is faster and the face-finding process is simpler than ever.
  5. Black and White has been rolled up in to the Effects app. Same settings, same features, but now you can stay in one app to add all effects and styles to your photos.
  6. When you jump to ON1 from Lightroom, now you can stay in ON1 and move to any app you’d like without having to go back to Lightroom.
  7. Social Sharing built right in.
  8. Enhance works better for quick edits and adjustments to your photos
  9. The entire interface and performance is just, well, smoother, faster, and snappier than ever.

Crazy Amounts of Training

Part of the reason I’m really excited about Photo 10 is that I wanted to make sure that training was a big part of this release. I see and talk to a lot of photographers throughout the year, and I know that workflow (especially with some of their favorite third-party plug-ins like ON1) is always a concern. Most people I talk to already use Lightroom and sometimes Photoshop. What I find people really want is to know where this all fits in.

So I created 10 short courses to really make Photo 10 useful.

• First, I created a “ON1, Lightroom, Photoshop… Which One Do I Use?” course. I think this is probably going to be one of the most popular. It answers some of the most common questions I get. Which edits do you do in various apps. You have Lightroom, you have Photoshop, and you have ON1. So where do you do Noise Reduction? Or cropping? Or lens corrections… etc… I’m really proud of this course because I think it’ll help relieve a lot of confusion I see.

• Next, I created a “Complete Guide” course for every app. This is done in the style that I train, so I tend to show you the way features work, but more importantly the way that I use them.

• Finally, I created a “Perfect Workflow” course for Landscapes and portraits and overall photo organizing and browsing. The workflow courses show my workflow from start to finish using Lightroom and then in to ON1. Or in the case of browsing and organizing, using ON1 first and then in to Lightroom.

A Cool Moment for Me Personally

I’m coming up on my first full year at ON1, so this is the first release since I’ve been on the ON1 team. While they’ve always had a killer team, it’s been really cool for me to get a lot of my feedback and thoughts in to the apps. At the end of the day, I want photo editing apps that I want to use. And it’s just a lot of fun to really make an impact.

If you haven’t pre-ordered already, I hope you’ll take at look at the brand new Photo 10. I’m really proud of what the entire team at ON1 has done in this past year. There’s a ton of talented people there, and they work tirelessly to bring you incredible photo editing tools. I’m truly honored to work with all of them, and I’d love it if you’d take a look at the brand new version.

Here’s the link to find out more. Have a good one! 🙂



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