In the latest update of Lightroom CC, there’s a message that pops up if you try to back up your catalog. The message tells you that your catalog is over 4GB and that it’ll be zipped when backing up. The message box looks something like this.


But My Catalog Isn’t Over 4GB?!

If you’re wondering why this pops up even if your catalog isn’t over 4GB, you’re not alone. I’ve gotten a ton of messages over the last couple of weeks asking about it. So what gives? Well, it’s kind of an unintended feature 🙂 (I think that’s code word for bug). It seems that it pops up for everyone, regardless of catalog size. But I do know it’s been fixed already, and will ship out in the next Lightroom release.

But What If My Catalog is Really Over 4GB?

Well, if your catalog really is over 4GB then it’ll be zipped up in to an extractable archive (AKA. Zip File). But unless you’ve never downloaded anything off the internet before, your computer probably already has software to extract those zip files so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. But if you don’t have a zip file opener, the dialog box actually gives you a couple of suggestions.

I know on the Mac it’s automatic and when I download something, it automatically expands the zip file for me. And whenever I’ve used a PC, it seemed to have one built in as well.



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