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Hey folks. I wanted to share an interview that Tamara Lackey did with me recently on her reDefine show (Adorama TV). I’ve done a lot of interviews and they’re always fun to take part in. But most (not all) of them tend to have the same questions.
– How did you get in to photography?
– Tell us about your favorite photo
– What inspires you?

And there’s nothing wrong with that, but mostly my answers don’t change. But in this interview Tamara really dove in to some other areas of my business and going out on my own. It was kind of interesting for me to think/talk about as I never really had before. We dove in to my thoughts and motivations while leaving Kelby Media. Then about joining ON1, and then leaving there as well to develop my business here at

Anyway, it was definitely an insightful interview for me to be a part of, so hopefully it’s a good one for you to watch too. Enjoy!


  1. Patrice

    Hey Matt, I like what you do, and I enjoy your videos very much. You are a very watchable guy!

  2. Gerry Moloney

    Good honest discussion. Have followed Matt since his Kelby days and he has grown in confidence and teaching skills. Going out on your own tests your self motivation and drive and I think Matt has made the right decision and I wish him every success for the future.

  3. Margarita Ney

    What I like the most about Matt is his relaxed and sincere delivery. I have bought 2 of his courses and love learning from him. Until I watched his Lightroom course, I had so many gaps in my knowledge of LR, even after using it for several years, but then all fell into place. Thanks, Matt, for what you do!

  4. Bob Diefenbcaher

    Congratulations, Matt. I’ve followed you since you were with Kelby and think you’re absolutely great at what you do. I also left the corporate high tech world after 25 years and started my own graphic design and printing business. Ran it successfully for 10 years and sold it to a competitor, after which I partially retired. Never looked back at missing a regular paycheck because the rewards of being your own boss are so great IMHO. So best wishes as you continue on your own. Your creativity will serve you well in running your own business.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Thanks so much Bob. I couldn’t be happier. My only regret is I should have done it 10 years ago 🙂

  5. Barb white

    Good luck Matt.
    You are a great teacher and I am sure that you will do well no matter what you put your hand to. In the end the buck stops at you and that’s a good thing… No need to make apologies for others.
    Take care and remember to stop and smell the roses. Those little kidlets of yours are only young once.

  6. Karen

    I love your teaching style. You come across very relaxed, thorough, and very real. I’ve taken your Lightroom Course plus your Long Exposure class on Creative Live and watched many of your Freebies, like today’s on Vignetting. You rock! Thanks for entering the world of teaching full-time!

  7. Jean

    You are a great teacher – clear, concise and personable. I have been following you for years ever since I long ago purchased a PSElements 5 Restoration and Retouching book. You are the reason I moved on to LR, PS and tried On1. I have learned so much and my skills have grown so much from following you. Thank you!!

  8. Brent Dunn

    Good for you Matt. You have taught me what I know. I am a Middle School teacher and have been able to teach my students cool techniques and engage them which made my class fun for them. I have a short attention span like Middle School kids and you get to the point without over teaching. That always works. The Photoshop Elements user was a great site with 10 minute videos that got to the point. Loved that.

    I also have a video business and I certainly understand the leap and risk in starting your own business. You’ll do great. Just hire talented, smart people and your business will continue to grow. Good Luck.

  9. James B

    Great interview! I too have been following Matt since his Kelby days and learned a lot from him. Its cool that he has his family involved as well. Keep up the good work bro.

  10. Mariëtte de Vos

    Just wondering why you left Kelby One and by this interviewyou gave the answer.
    It’s brave to listen to your inner voice and to follow your heart. Good luck.

  11. Yelverton Suzanne

    Also a long time follower. You are a teacher but you also have empathy for where your audience is coming from. I like your discussion on this video where you felt it was important at 8pm and you got a ding….to answer it. It was probably from someone who has evenings only for Lightroom time and if you are hung up on a question your entire evening is gone. Good insight into your audience…amateurs, learners and for the most part not professional. Thank you for listening and teaching to the needs of us “out here!”

  12. Jack Winter

    I’ve been watching you since Photoshop TV when I got into digital photography and bought a copy PS Elements. I can recall being disappointed when you weren’t one of the presenters. I followed you to ON-1 and even bought their software. I use Skylum=MacPhun stuff a lot these days, but I sill learn from you. Wishing you the very best in your new venture. I do like to fool around with compositing now and then, and I’m gonna buy your course just to support you. God bless …

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