Week 7 – Lightroom Mobile

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Hi all. Welcome to Week 7 Office Hours and Extras. This week we’re going to concentrate on Lightroom Mobile.

  1. Week 7 Office Hours: Saturday, November 19th – Video is below.
  2. Week 7 Top 10 Questions Asked – Video is below.
  3. A place to ask your questions (the comments section at the bottom). I’ll be answering them all week so stay tuned.

Office Hours (Week 7)

(or click here to download the video directly)

Week 7 Top 10 Questions

Here are the questions covered:

– Where are my photos?
– How much storage do I get and does syncing affect my creative cloud storage plan?
– Can I shoot in DNG?
– Can I bring in photos from my camera roll?
– Why does it look different on the iPad
– What is the gesture shortcut for….?
– How big is the file from my desktop if I send to LR Mobile?
– How can I adjust the Radial filter?
– Where is the Sharpening and Noise Reduction sliders?
– Can I share to Instagram?

(or click here to download the video directly)



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