Ultimate Lightroom Course Extra Stuff (Week 2)

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Hi all. This page is your lifeline for the “extras” for the Ultimate Lightroom Course for Week 2. Keep checking back as it’ll get continually updated with the content as we go through the week. Here’s what you’ll find:

  1. Week 2 Office Hours – all the info you need to sign up and then (after the actual live video), all of the info you need to re-watch and download the video.
  2. Week 2 Top 10 Questions Asked – on Friday 10/14, the Top 10 Questions asked video will be listed here as well (and a link to download it).
  3. A place to ask your questions (the comments section at the bottom)

Again, keep checking back throughout the week. We’ll be sending out reminder emails too, but the page will update as I create the content and it gets posted here. Enjoy!

Week 2: Office Hours Recording Available for Download

The video is below. You can watch it right here on the web page. Or click here to download the video directly to your computer.

And here’s a few highlights if you want to jump to them (you can scroll through the video to these points)

  • Content Aware in Lightroom? – 8:45
  • Editing a Cityscape – 13:08
  • Black and White Portrait Edit – 39:50
  • Landscape Tree Edit – 1:07:00

Week 2: Top 10 Questions Asked Video

Click here to Download the video.


Questions answered cheat sheet with time codes:

  1. Is there a way to find duplicate photos? (1:40) (link: http://www.duplicatephotocleaner.com)
  2. Windows changes my external Hard drive letter (2:02) (link: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2203969)
  3. How do you best delete your rejects and manage your library (2:50)
  4. What is your workflow to choose the best photo from an exposure bracket (4:45)
  5. Can you add a thin stroke border around photos? (6:45)
  6. What do you do with JPEGs after you export them? (10:10)
  7. Lightroom isn’t showing my photos in the correct capture time order? (11:40)
  8. Why doesn’t the Spot Healing Brush always work? (12:50)
  9. Where is your Presets video? (14:40)
  10. What to you do in Lightroom, and what do you do in Photoshop, ON1, Nik, etc… (15:37)



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