Week 6 – Printing, Exporting, Web, Slideshows and Sharing

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Hi all. Welcome to Week 6 Office Hours and Extras. This week we’re going to concentrate on printing, books, exporting photos, the web, slideshows and overall sharing of your photos.

  1. Week 6 Office Hours – Completed (Watch below)
  2. Week 6 Top 10 Questions Asked – (Watch below)
  3. A place to ask your questions (the comments section at the bottom). I’ll be answering them all week so stay tuned.

Office Hours (Week 6)

You can watch the video below. Or you can click here to download the video directly.


Week 6 Top 10 Questions

You can view the video below, or here’s a link to download it to your computer.

Questions Answered:

  1. What’s the best practice for upsizing photos?
  2. What’s the point of saving a Slideshow or a Book using the Save Slideshow/Book feature
  3. Vignettes are bad aren’t they? Why do you keep adding them?
  4. When I Sync, what photo am I syncing from?
  5. Can I build Previews/Smart Previews for just some photos?
  6. When printing, what’s the difference between perceptual and relative?
  7. If saving a JPEG to print, when do I use File > Export vs. the Print module print feature
  8. What does it mean when I right-click a collection and choose View on Web?
  9. How to add multiple folders/collections to a book?
  10. Why won’t my prints go borderless?



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