Week 4 – Advanced Editing

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Hi all. Welcome to Week 3 Office Hours and Extras. This week we’re going to concentrate on advanced editing. Over the course of the first three weeks we’ve really touched on a lot of importing and organizing topics and last week covered some basics of editing. This week we’ll delve deeper into some advanced editing techniques.

  1. Week 4 Office Hours – (Done – the video is below)
  2. Week 4 Top 10 Questions Asked – (Done – the video is below)
  3. A place to ask your questions (the comments section at the bottom). I’ll be answering them all week so stay tuned.

Office Hours (Week 4)

Click here to download the video directly, or just watch it below.


Top 10 Questions (Week 4)

The questions and video are below. You can click here to download the video directly.

  1. Will I be able to watch these videos after the 6 weeks? (0:16 seconds in)
  2. My adjustment brush sliders have disappeared! (0:47 seconds in)
  3. What does the “Flow” setting do with the Adjustment Brush?   (1:50)
  4. What does the “Density” setting do with the Adjustment Brush? (3:45)
  5. Can I Sync Camera Calibration settings? (4:45)
  6. What does Match Exposure do? (6:15)
  7. When should I vignette a photo? (8:45)
  8. About Photoshop Color Settings and Warnings (10:01)
  9. To to find my JPEGs if I shoot raw + jpeg? (12:13)
  10. What is my favorite HDR app? (13:15)
  11. How do you quickly switch between programs? (14:03)



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