Mornin’ from Los Angeles! I’m here speaking at Adobe Max this week, and as always, there’s a bit of excitement around the latest updates. Traditionally Adobe releases new features at every Max and this year is no different.

Especially when it comes to Lightroom. In fact, we’ve crossed from the Lightroom 7.? naming over to Lightroom 8 (Not that version numbers really make a big difference anymore).

Anyway, I did a video of the updates below, but here’s a quick recap.

  1. Single HDR-Pano merge. – we’ve had HDR merge. We’ve had Pano merge. But now there’s HDR-Pano merge! This is a new feature that will merge your HDR pano images all in one step. I’ve personally stopped shooting HDR Panos because it was just too time consuming to put together so maybe this will get me back 🙂
  2. Depth Masking – if you’re shooting with one of the phones that support depth masks, Lightroom will now let you work with that mask in Range Masking area of the Local Adjustment tools.
  3. Process version improvements – the new process version improves quality for high ISO photos.
  4. Improved Tethering support for certain Canon cameras. Yeah yeah… I know… what about the others? Don’t shoot the messenger here. I have no idea why the others weren’t touched. I mean, we all know that Sony is superior anyway right? I’m kidding!!! 😉 LOL!

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