New Features in Lightroom (October 2017 Edition)

Today kicks off Adobe Max in Las Vegas. I’m out here teaching, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update. Adobe Max is always a platform for Adobe to announce new stuff, and today is no different.

First, Lightroom has a name change. It’s now called Lightroom Classic. And there is a new program called Lightroom CC now. I wrote an entire article on the name change, and it has a bunch of FAQs listed in it, so make sure you check it out. I wanted to concentrate on the new features here.

Second, Lightroom (well, technically Lightroom Classic now) has some new features (the Creative Cloud version only). Among them is overall speed. Adobe publicly said earlier this year that speed was a priority. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Faster Application launch time
  • Faster Preview generation
  • Faster Import and culling workflow with the “Embedded & Sidecar” preview option
  • Faster Switching between Library and Develop Module
  • Moving from photo to photo in the Develop Module is faster
  • More responsive brushing

Lightroom Range Masking

They’ve also added something called Range Masking to the Grad filter, the Radial filter and the Adjustment Brush. It’s a way to help your adjustments blend (with a mask) based on color or luminance. And even though I’m mentioning it last, it’s actually one of my favorite things.

Anyway, I did a quick 10 minute video that shows you the changes below. To update Lightroom, just go to the top menu and choose Help > Updates.



Michael D. Miller

Mr. Matt, I’m concerned about two things I read.

One is that they are reducing the LR interface to what the Mobile app can do.

Two is that they are offering cloud storage for the original images. In that one, I think I read that I can still store them locally (260,000 images split between two catalogs, personal and business). I hope that is true and that Adobe is not corralling me into having to use the cloud for storage.

Also, I am confuzed about the names and what is being updated. Are your new features in Classic LR6 (with an update)? Or, are the new features in LR CC?


Matt K

Hi Michael – you don’t have to do anything cloud related if you stay on LR Classic. Nothing changes for you except the name. And in the beginning of the video, I mentioned that this was “Classic”. So yes, those changes are in LR Classic and you should have them. Thanks!

C Rad

Hi Matt, Two ?s Is it best to have 1 Master Catalog – I have about 90K photos or separate catalogs?
2. How can I move some of the collections to a second catalog.

As always, really appreciate your great work! C Rad.

Carol greenslade

Hi Matt: great video. Thanks. When and how will you issue an update to your ultimate LR Course with these new features?
I purchased the earlier version about a year ago. Tx
Carol G

Luke Schwettman

Hey there Matt, I believe I purchased your previous lightroom course but an unable to find all of the files that came with it. Is there a way you could check to ensure whether it was the lightroom course or the photoshop course that I purchased, to ensure that I am able to get the update, including the new features for Lightroom Classic? Much appreciated, as always!!

Diana K

Hi Luke,

Just checked and it was the Photoshop System that you purchased.



Tom Mullen

Matt, you’re in Vegas, stop working (other than the lectures/labs) and relax a little!!


While the “new” features, especially speed are nice, I wish they could have added more editing features such as Content aware. The spot healing tool is OK but not great. It would be nice to do more editing in a raw environment without having to go to Photoshop. I also wish the brush could adjust color. Glad for the dates however, Anything is better than nothing.

Richard Firth

Matt, Thank you for the video. It was very helpful. I have a question that relates more to PS than to LR. Specifically, it appears to me as if the luminance range masking is a migration to LR of the “blend if” sliders in PS. Do you think we can expect that the color range masking will now migrate to from LR to layer styles in PS?

Thank you again for the video.


Hey Matt, thanks for the explanation. I agree with you, the “invert” checkbox is always the wrong way around whatever you are trying to do

John Petersen

Hi Matt,
I think there might be an advantage to having both:
I use my iPhone for a lot of photos that I take when with friends, family, or even when an actual photo shoot that I then edit on my phone & share in FB or Instagram. “Real” photos on my Canon 5 D mk IV go to Lightroom Classic, now ? In appropriate folders.
Your thoughts ??

Mary Hulett

Wow, you really helped me understand the new LR interfaces. Thanks. I read one suggestion that I should use ’embedded and sidecar’ now when importing. I have been using 1:1 as I am able to zoom into photos to check details. Would you suggest I continue with 1:1 when importing or change to ’embedded and sidecar’. Thanks in advance. I can wait for your answer as you must be having a blast (not to mention quite busy) at the convention.

Mickey pullen


If I use the embedded and sidecar settng will it take longer to import my photos. Also, is more or less space used ( photos or LR catalog) when using embedd vs 1:1?


majed ali

thx a lot for u

Hi what do u think about doing two versions of it !!

why don’t they merge both features and if u want to use the cloud u can use it !!
don’t see that need for another version

i know it is useful for some people but again they are features

Doug Brown

Hi Matt
Great Video and description of whats new and changed!! As usual you have done a great job of explaining and analysis things to make it understandable. As an owner of your Lightroom course, as well as the Photoshop system and long exposure photo course I have not received an email for the updates.

Brad Belluk

Hi Matt

I was just wondering if you sent out the Ultimate LR course update yet…..I haven’t seen anything in my email so far. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date!


Diana K

Hi Brad, just sent you an email with the updates. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. Thanks, Diana

Tom Brooks


I have the monthly lease plan for the Lightroom/Photoshop package which was downloaded from the net. I have your Photoshop training, but am a little confused about the new Lightroom situation. I’m assuming the Lightroom component of my monthly lease package will now be the classic version (even though they seem to be calling it CC). Is your Lightroom training based on the new Classic version or the new CC version?



Diane Imfeld

I was just wondering if you sent out the Ultimate LR course update yet…..I haven’t seen anything in my email so far. Looking forward to it.

I changed my email address and the update could have been sent there. And, in the meantime, ran into computer problems.

Prior email:

Thank you


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