Today kicks off Adobe Max in Las Vegas. I’m out here teaching, but I wanted to give you guys a quick update. Adobe Max is always a platform for Adobe to announce new stuff, and today is no different.

First, Lightroom has a name change. It’s now called Lightroom Classic. And there is a new program called Lightroom CC now. I wrote an entire article on the name change, and it has a bunch of FAQs listed in it, so make sure you check it out. I wanted to concentrate on the new features here.

Second, Lightroom (well, technically Lightroom Classic now) has some new features (the Creative Cloud version only). Among them is overall speed. Adobe publicly said earlier this year that speed was a priority. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Faster Application launch time
  • Faster Preview generation
  • Faster Import and culling workflow with the “Embedded & Sidecar” preview option
  • Faster Switching between Library and Develop Module
  • Moving from photo to photo in the Develop Module is faster
  • More responsive brushing

Lightroom Range Masking

They’ve also added something called Range Masking to the Grad filter, the Radial filter and the Adjustment Brush. It’s a way to help your adjustments blend (with a mask) based on color or luminance. And even though I’m mentioning it last, it’s actually one of my favorite things.

Anyway, I did a quick 10 minute video that shows you the changes below. To update Lightroom, just go to the top menu and choose Help > Updates.



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