Hi everyone! This week Adobe released what may be one of the biggest changes to Lightroom that I’ve seen in 10 years. I have an entire page dedicated to this new release with a full video that explains it all, FAQs, and even free creative profiles for you to download.
But… I’ve also seen a lot of questions that dig a little deeper, so I figured I’d cover them right here. Enjoy!

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Q. Can I make my own profiles from scratch or from existing LUTs?
A. You sure can! Adobe released an SDK and you can download it here (link). I’ll warn you now… on a techie scale from 1-10, some of this stuff in the SDK is an 18 😉

Also, I did a video right here that explains how I make most of mine. Again, it’s on the advanced side of things so keep that in mind before you try it.

Q. I try to go to the path that we’re supposed to go to, to install other profiles, but I’m not finding the right folders?
A. Okay, this is a pretty common question I’m getting. First, the path to install other profiles is right below this (Mac and PC). But, here’s what I’ve found. If you just installed the Lightroom update, one of the folders (Camera Raw I believe) won’t show up. You also have to install the latest Photoshop update to see this path. I know it’s a little clunky, but hopefully in a future version we get a nice “Import” feature like we have for presets.

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

Q. What if I don’t see this path?
A. This is a tough one to answer. First, we’ve been finding that if you have the Lightroom update installed, but not the Photoshop update, then the path may not show the same. Also, If you installed your programs to a different folder on your drive, then this path could be different.

Q. I noticed that if I apply a profile, there is no way to reset it. What do I do?
A. A photo must have a profile tagged to it. That’s the way it always worked by the way. You just never saw it because it was buried down in the Calibration panel 🙂 But, by default, most raw photos had the Adobe Color profile tagged to it. So, if you go to apply a profile and later decide you don’t want that profile, you just need to go change it to what it was before (usually the Adobe Color profile).

Q. Will the Lightroom Profiles work in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) too?
A. Yep! The location that you install them puts them in to a common area that both LR and ACR will now look at. So by installing them in one place, you now get access to them in both.

Q. Will the new Lightroom Profiles work in Lightroom Mobile?
A. Kind of… you’ll see the Adobe profiles in both LR Desktop (and Classic) and in LR Mobile. So if you apply a profile in Mobile or on the Desktop, you’ll see it on the other Device / Platform. The only catch is that I don’t think the custom ones I’ve created (and other people’s) will show up on Mobile as a choice to pick from. If you apply it on the Desktop, it’ll show in Mobile (and even have the Amount slider). But LR Mobile won’t show your list of custom ones you’ve downloaded from other people besides Adobe.

Q. How come I don’t see the Amount slider you showed on some of the profiles?
A. The Amount slider when you apply a profile will usually only show up with some of the Artistic profiles. But if you apply it to any of the Adobe Raw or Camera Matching profiles you won’t see it.

Q. I saw that the new Profiles in Lightroom have a Favorites area where you can favorite your profiles and they’ll show in a Favorites folder at the top. I would love that for presets too?
A. You’re in luck! Just right click a preset and choose “Add to Favorites” and Lightroom will create a Favorites folder at the top of the Presets panel for you. You’re welcome! 😉

Q. When I installed the Lightroom update I noticed it said something about converting my LR preset to XMP files. What gives?
A. Okay, this get’s a little tricky so here’s the deal. Adobe has now standardized on the XMP format for all of their presets and profiles. So when you updated to the new version here’s what happened.

  1. Adobe converted all of your presets to the XMP format automatically.
  2. They then moved all of the XMP files to the new shared ACR/LR preset location (below)

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

Q. So what happened to my old preset .LRTemplate files?
A. They’re still in the exact same place they always were. If you go to you to your Lightroom Preferences Dialog and the Preset tab – then click Show Lightroom Presets Folder > Develop… the old presets are there. Lightroom just isn’t looking there anymore for them. It’s looking in the path I mentioned above for your presets.

Q. Do I have to leave them there?
A. Nope. You can safely delete them and nothing will happen since Adobe isn’t using them anymore.

Q. How can I back the new ones up?
A. Same way you backed your old ones up. Personally, I just back up my computer often, which automatically backs up my catalog and presets. But if you don’t, just grab the folder and put it where ever you put your backups.

Q. Will the presets still look and work the same?
A. Yep. Nothing has changed. They work exactly the same as they used to.

Q. What if I have old .LRTemplate files that I want to install in to Lightroom?
A. No sweat. Right click on a preset folder in Lightroom and choose Import. You can import and install them just like you always could. Lightroom will just convert them to XMP files and move the XMP file to the new location (mentioned above).

Q. Is it true that my Lightroom presets now work in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)?
A. Yes they automatically work in ACR now. And you don’t have to do a thing. Once you update and open Lightroom, you can go over to ACR and go to the Presets panel and you’ll see your LR presets there just like the new profiles will also show up there too.

Q. I noticed Adobe added a bunch of Default preset folders now. And they all appear above all of my preset folders. Is there any way to change this?
A. Yeah, that’s a pain in the butt. You used to be able to rename a folder and if you put a 1 in front of it, then that folder would show up at the top. But not anymore. So… there’s no good way to do this and definitely not from within Lightroom. But there is a small workaround. You can go in to Camera Raw in Photoshop (open a raw file in PS or go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter in the top menu). Then go to the Presets Panel. You’ll see all of your presets and preset folders listed there. If you right-click any of them you can choose “Hide Preset Set” and it’ll hide it right there in ACR. But if you restart Lightroom, it will also hide it in there as well. You can always go back and right-click in ACR to show it again. Don’t forget you’ll always need to restart LR after doing it.

Q. Some of my Presets got moved, named changes, or did not convert when I installed the update? Or Some of my presets have disappeared. What should I do?
A. While this didn’t happen to me (and trust me… I have A LOT of presets!), I have heard it happen to some other folks. For the most part, I’m seeing that the presets are being reordered. Adobe is asking if it happened to you to please let them know here. There is also some info on what to do and I’ve had several people tell me they were able to find their answer there too.

Well folks, I hope that helps shed some light on some popular questions I’ve been getting. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re interested, I have a full video on the new Profiles and changes to Lightroom and Camera Raw. I also have some free profiles for you and a paid (BIG) bundle of some custom profiles I created on sale this week. Have a good one!





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