Adobe recently updated the Lightroom family and most of the updates centered around the desktop versions (Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC). But, among those updates was a pretty massive change to Lightroom Mobile (technically also called LR CC, but I still call it Mobile) 🙂

Find out what’s new in Lightroom 7.4 here.

Among the updates was a feature people have been asking about for a while now – the ability to sync your Lightroom presets with Lightroom mobile. And what’s really nice is that if you have any custom profiles that you’ve created or purchased, those will sync with LR Mobile on the phone/tablet as well.

Learn how to create your own Lightroom profiles here.

There’s actually a few more mobile features that were pretty big like you now have a clone/heal tool and there’s a Long Exposure feature preview that you can test out with the Lightroom Mobile camera. Anyway… syncing your presets with Lightroom on the phone and tablet is fairly easy but there are a few things you’ll have to do different from what you may think. So, below is a video that’ll walk you through exactly how to do it. Have a good one!



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