Digging Deeper: Questions About the New Lightroom Profiles and Presets

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Hi everyone! This week Adobe released what may be one of the biggest changes to Lightroom that I’ve seen in 10 years. I have an entire page dedicated to this new release with a full video that explains it all, FAQs, and even free creative profiles for you to download.
But… I’ve also seen a lot of questions that dig a little deeper, so I figured I’d cover them right here. Enjoy!

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Q. Can I make my own profiles?
A. You sure can! Adobe released an SDK and you can download it here (link). I’ll warn you now… on a techie scale from 1-10, some of this stuff in the SDK is an 18 😉

Q. I try to go to the path that we’re supposed to go to, to install other profiles, but I’m not finding the right folders?
A. Okay, this is a pretty common question I’m getting. First, the path to install other profiles is right below this (Mac and PC). But, here’s what I’ve found. If you just installed the Lightroom update, one of the folders (Camera Raw I believe) won’t show up. You also have to install the latest Photoshop update to see this path. I know it’s a little clunky, but hopefully in a future version we get a nice “Import” feature like we have for presets.

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

Q. What if I don’t see this path?
A. This is a tough one to answer. First, we’ve been finding that if you have the Lightroom update installed, but not the Photoshop update, then the path may not show the same. Also, If you installed your programs to a different folder on your drive, then this path could be different.

Q. I noticed that if I apply a profile, there is no way to reset it. What do I do?
A. A photo must have a profile tagged to it. That’s the way it always worked by the way. You just never saw it because it was buried down in the Calibration panel 🙂 But, by default, most raw photos had the Adobe Color profile tagged to it. So, if you go to apply a profile and later decide you don’t want that profile, you just need to go change it to what it was before (usually the Adobe Color profile).

Q. Will the Lightroom Profiles work in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) too?
A. Yep! The location that you install them puts them in to a common area that both LR and ACR will now look at. So by installing them in one place, you now get access to them in both.

Q. Will the new Lightroom Profiles work in Lightroom Mobile?
A. Kind of… you’ll see the Adobe profiles in both LR Desktop (and Classic) and in LR Mobile. So if you apply a profile in Mobile or on the Desktop, you’ll see it on the other Device / Platform. The only catch is that I don’t think the custom ones I’ve created (and other people’s) will show up on Mobile as a choice to pick from. If you apply it on the Desktop, it’ll show in Mobile (and even have the Amount slider). But LR Mobile won’t show your list of custom ones you’ve downloaded from other people besides Adobe.

Q. How come I don’t see the Amount slider you showed on some of the profiles?
A. The Amount slider when you apply a profile will usually only show up with some of the Artistic profiles. But if you apply it to any of the Adobe Raw or Camera Matching profiles you won’t see it.

Q. I saw that the new Profiles in Lightroom have a Favorites area where you can favorite your profiles and they’ll show in a Favorites folder at the top. I would love that for presets too?
A. You’re in luck! Just right click a preset and choose “Add to Favorites” and Lightroom will create a Favorites folder at the top of the Presets panel for you. You’re welcome! 😉

Q. When I installed the Lightroom update I noticed it said something about converting my LR preset to XMP files. What gives?
A. Okay, this get’s a little tricky so here’s the deal. Adobe has now standardized on the XMP format for all of their presets and profiles. So when you updated to the new version here’s what happened.

  1. Adobe converted all of your presets to the XMP format automatically.
  2. They then moved all of the XMP files to the new shared ACR/LR preset location (below)

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

Win: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

Q. So what happened to my old preset .LRTemplate files?
A. They’re still in the exact same place they always were. If you go to you to your Lightroom Preferences Dialog and the Preset tab – then click Show Lightroom Presets Folder > Develop… the old presets are there. Lightroom just isn’t looking there anymore for them. It’s looking in the path I mentioned above for your presets.

Q. Do I have to leave them there?
A. Nope. You can safely delete them and nothing will happen since Adobe isn’t using them anymore.

Q. How can I back the new ones up?
A. Same way you backed your old ones up. Personally, I just back up my computer often, which automatically backs up my catalog and presets. But if you don’t, just grab the folder and put it where ever you put your backups.

Q. Will the presets still look and work the same?
A. Yep. Nothing has changed. They work exactly the same as they used to.

Q. What if I have old .LRTemplate files that I want to install in to Lightroom?
A. No sweat. Right click on a preset folder in Lightroom and choose Import. You can import and install them just like you always could. Lightroom will just convert them to XMP files and move the XMP file to the new location (mentioned above).

Q. Is it true that my Lightroom presets now work in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)?
A. Yes they automatically work in ACR now. And you don’t have to do a thing. Once you update and open Lightroom, you can go over to ACR and go to the Presets panel and you’ll see your LR presets there just like the new profiles will also show up there too.

Q. I noticed Adobe added a bunch of Default preset folders now. And they all appear above all of my preset folders. Is there any way to change this?
A. Yeah, that’s a pain in the butt. You used to be able to rename a folder and if you put a 1 in front of it, then that folder would show up at the top. But not anymore. So… there’s no good way to do this and definitely not from within Lightroom. But there is a small workaround. You can go in to Camera Raw in Photoshop (open a raw file in PS or go to Filter > Camera Raw Filter in the top menu). Then go to the Presets Panel. You’ll see all of your presets and preset folders listed there. If you right-click any of them you can choose “Hide Preset Set” and it’ll hide it right there in ACR. But if you restart Lightroom, it will also hide it in there as well. You can always go back and right-click in ACR to show it again. Don’t forget you’ll always need to restart LR after doing it.

Q. Some of my Presets got moved, named changes, or did not convert when I installed the update? Or Some of my presets have disappeared. What should I do?
A. While this didn’t happen to me (and trust me… I have A LOT of presets!), I have heard it happen to some other folks. For the most part, I’m seeing that the presets are being reordered. Adobe is asking if it happened to you to please let them know here. There is also some info on what to do and I’ve had several people tell me they were able to find their answer there too.

Well folks, I hope that helps shed some light on some popular questions I’ve been getting. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re interested, I have a full video on the new Profiles and changes to Lightroom and Camera Raw. I also have some free profiles for you and a paid (BIG) bundle of some custom profiles I created on sale this week. Have a good one!





  1. Lee

    Does the new Adobe Profile feature in Lightroom take advantage of the computers GPU? In other words, is a good GPU more important to the performance of Lightroom Classic 7.3 than it was in older versions?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Lee – I don’t think the importance or non-importance of it has changed with this update.

  2. Eli Weitz

    How (if at all) willthe changes in Lr; & how things interact between settings affecting ACR -> Lr & vice-versa for third party plugins like Nik, DeNoise, etc.?

  3. Eli Weitz

    How (if at all) willthe changes in Lr; & how things interact between settings affecting ACR -> Lr (as you yourselfpointed out) & vice-versa for third party plugins like Nik, DeNoise, which would seem to have their own affect on Development panel slider values etc.?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Eli – none of the changes to Lightroom or ACR will have any affect on Nik, Denoise or anything like that. Basically, the workflow and results are exactly the same as always.

  4. Jess

    What about LR Mobile. I see the new ‘default’ profiles from Adobe.
    Can I import other profiles – like yours?
    If I apply a custom profile to a photo in LR Classic – what shows up in LR Mobile?

      1. Jess

        🙁 So if I apply one of your awesome new profiles 😉 what do I see if I view the photo mobile?

  5. labro

    hallo Matt,
    This is a great news.

    can we also expect blend modes soon ?

    I have recently learnt the power of gradient map for deep b&w with blake Rudis and Jim Welninski. Can we expect having this photoshop tol in lightroom. b&w conversion for colors and gradient map for tones.

    kind regards

    1. Author
      Matt K

      I doubt it Marc. I personally hope they keep all the PS stuff in PS and keep LR simple 🙂

      1. salsaguy

        agree we “real photogs” dont need that Ps stuff in our program I stay away from Ps as much as I can 🙂 Lr was made BY and FOR photogs. Ps for graphics (logs, pngs) editing, warping , major skin retouching, magazine layout, etc which is Image manipulation not photo editing

  6. Roger Parry

    So I’ve tried LR 7.3 and I have found that if I apply a profile then go back down the history and then backup, or apply a second profile and switch between the two LR immediately crashes. It’s also appallingly slow to open a catalog. Others seem to be having the same problems (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2473488). Looks like my purchase of Matt’s profiles might be wasted.

  7. David Latour

    Matt, I have Lightroom Mobile sync question. For some reason I have 8 photos hung up in the sync process that never totally sync. I have tried exiting out , shutting off computer, however in the upper lefthand corner it still says “syncing 8 photos.” On Sunday I was syncing about 150 photos to LR Mobile and it still comes down to those 8 photos. Any ideas?


      Could it be the amount of online storage space you have with your plan? Maybe you’re full?
      Just a thought.

    2. salsaguy

      Do you have sync paused? clean out the cache/recycle bin. run your OS optimizer, like Advance System Care or other utilities you may have for your brand desktop/laptop. Run your antimalware, etc etc, hmmm

  8. Barb

    I just watched your video on the new updates and I downloaded your profiles. How do I get them from “download” to LR?

  9. Dean

    Question: Difference between a LUT and a profile? I have used the crisp warm LUT for over a year but it ruins blue skies with clouds. In PS I can use a layer to protect the sky, but not with a profile. Anyway to convert these profiles to a LUT?
    If not you should consider putting out some LUTS that mimic your profiles.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Dean. The profiles are LUTs. They actually all started from LUT files, which were just converted to Adobe XMP files. When I get to come up for air after this week (and my upcoming Compositing course), I’m going to release them to everyone who purchased the bundle as LUTs. That way, people can use them in PS (like you are) as well 🙂

  10. Tom

    hi matt,

    how can i convert existing luts like .3d or .cube into .xmp for lightroom use… i did nt get it…
    thanx a lot

  11. Vince

    Hi Matt, I’m having a problem with your #2 Q & A listed above. I did some adjustments on a raw photo then applied a profile to it. The only way that I can remove the profile is to click the reset button but then I lose all of the adjustments that I made prior to applying the profile. Prior to applying the profile, the Adobe Color profile was listed but after I applied the profile it is no longer listed. Any suggestions? (I’ve already downloaded 7.3 and I am using your profile package)

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Vince. Not sure about that one. My guess is the profile is indeed there and you’ve either scrolled past it, or you’ve got your filter at the top of the profile browser set to something that is filtering it out. But if it’s a raw file, the profile should be there.

      1. Vince

        Thanks Matt, but I’m not quite sure what you meant. However, I was playing around with it and if I click on “Edit” in the main menu and “Undo” the profile, it reverts back to Adobe Color with my adjustments that I made prior to adding the profile. This works great and I can keep my original adjustments. I’m enjoying your profile package and look forward to doing some serious work with them.

    2. salsaguy

      @Vince you dont have to reset as the profile is just the base layer. you can change the profile to a different one any time and not mess up any other slider edits you made thats the beauty of profiles vs presets. did you try it?

  12. Jerry Smith

    Matt, Read the Adobe SDK (and didn’t go blind!). Any thoughts of putting together a PhD (push here, dummie) way for LUT adjustments in Photoshop can “easily” be passed over to Lightroom? As always, thank you for your materials! FYI-Just put someone I work with regarding processing onto your Lightroom Course, it’s a real winner!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Jerry. Thanks for the referral. I don’t have any plans of making anything like that but we’ll see how things shake out in the coming weeks and see what demand is. Thanks again!

  13. vartkes peltekoglu

    Hi Matt, I have a huge favour to ask of you.
    Would you please post or email me the the url of Adobe SDK library. I would like to brows and perhaps attempt at utilizing these under-the-hood capabilities. I am having no luck tracking this down at adobe.com – well hidden it seems. I am a retired software architect so I don’t foresee getting into trouble with this.
    vartkes and see you at CanAm later this month.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi. Did you click the link in this blog post. I just checked it and it downloaded the SDk just fine. Thx and see you in Buffalo!

      1. vartkes peltekoglu

        Matt, I had downloaded the particular link you provided. Thanks for that link.
        My question is a wider one; I know Adobe has many other SDKs that elucidate on specific things that can be accomplished under-the-hood in Ps and Lr. There must be a library of them. I am hoping to track down the url of the library of SDK documents that I can peruse and read what I fancy.
        Perhaps I need a special ‘status’ at Adobe to be permitted to read these SDKs. I can’t even see where at http://www.adobe.com these access options etc are discussed explained.
        thanks for your your help anyway Matt.

    1. vartkes peltekoglu

      Thanks Andy, I had seen this particular link earlier from Matt’s note and downloaded it. My question is a wider one:
      There are many other SDKs from Adobe. They have a library of them. I want to get the url for this library. I can then peruse and learn how to accomplish specific things under-the-hood in Ps or Lr. If you know how to get at these SDKs please , please let me know.

  14. stevevp

    Matt, I purchased your profiles (couldn’t resist that offer!) but haven’t upgraded to 7.3 because of all the reports of crashes and problems with disappearing pre-sets (amongst others). I presume your profiles will work with 7.4 (which I hope is imminent)?

    1. salsaguy

      yes they should work in any version post 7.3 where they were introduced this new way. profiles have ALWAYS been there FYI just not up front and personal as they are now but should be 1st anyways.

  15. Johnny Boyd

    Hey Matt,

    Did you have any issues with LR “re-ordering” your presets thus jumbling them all. Ex. I have mine in a numerical order for workflow ie. 1.00, 1.10, 1.20, 1.21 etc.. Did your stay in order when you upgraded?

    Composites…… been waiting on that one…..trying to convince myself it is not cheating.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Johnny! Did you go to that adobe link I posted? I think they have some answers there.
      And it’s not cheating 😉

  16. Zin

    Matt, I watched your video, bought your profiles, but, I really didn’t understand the difference between the new profiles and presets

  17. Lisa

    I absolutely adore your blog posts! They’re so inspirational! I love what you do, and the things you post is exactly the kind of things I’m interested in.

  18. John MacLean Photography

    Hi Matt, Thanks for all your info on profiles! Regarding the previous default name, it was Adobe Standard, not Adobe Color, which is the new profile.

    “Note: Standard V2 was the default profile in previous versions of Lightroom CC.” via http://blogs.adobe.com/jkost/2018/04/lightroom-cc.html

    “Q. I noticed that if I apply a profile, there is no way to reset it. What do I do?
    A. A photo must have a profile tagged to it. That’s the way it always worked by the way. You just never saw it because it was buried down in the Calibration panel But, by default, most raw photos had the Adobe Color profile tagged to it. So, if you go to apply a profile and later decide you don’t want that profile, you just need to go change it to what it was before (usually the Adobe Color profile).”

  19. Ross

    Hey Matt, lots of great info in your written and video tutorials. Regarding this new update to PS and LR that significantly changes the Profile and Preset functionality, I’m a real estate photographer and use the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to create profiles of the interior color schemes. I take an image of the X-Rite card under the lighting conditions of the room (ambient or flash), export it (File>Export with Presets>ColorChecker Passport), and, after the ColorCkecker does its thing, get a message in LR that the Profile has been successfully created. However, when I restart LR and go to color correct each of my interior shots, the new profile is nowhere to be found. ColorChecker profiles are created as .dcp files but the new LR/ACR profile system doesn’t appear to recognize .dcp files. Is there a way to either get .dcp files to function in the new LR/ACR system or, conversely, to convert .dcp files to the .xmp format? Or, my worst fear, do I have to wait for X-Rite to update its software and change the conversion output from .dcp file format to .xmp?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Ross. Unfortunately I think that’s a problem you’ll have to kick over to X-rite. Seems they may have some updating to do.
      Sorry about that.

    2. salsaguy

      Lr sure does look at dcp files as that is where all the cameras that are ever in Lr are located for all mfg of cameras!!: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\Adobe Standard

    3. salsaguy

      I had this question as well about the Color Checker workflow and if it has changed now with the new Lr profiles in 7.3 . Per Lr Queen they should be in under : Profiles

      The Profiles folder contains camera-specific (.dcp extension) profiles that you created using the DNG Profile Editor or X-Rite ColorChecker Passport plug-in, or older camera-specific profiles created by third-parties such as VSCO or RNI Films.

  20. Alice

    Thanks for all the additional info, Matt! Sure helps. I have one preset issue that I can’t seem to find an answer to. I got a preset from you a couple of years ago called “Workflow Presets.” It has 12 sections and multiple features within each section. In the presets that are displayed in the new LR, only 9 sections show up, and sections 10-12 do not appear. In my library, all 12 sections show up both in the previous .lrtemplate files and the new .xmp files. My other presets seem to have converted okay. I tried restarting LR, but nothing changed. Since it’s one of your presets, I thought I’d pick your brain before I contact Adobe. Any thoughts on what might be wrong or how to enable the complete preset in the new LR?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Alice – are you sure they’re not there or are the 10-12 sections now mixed in with 1 and 2. That seems to be the renaming problem that everyone is having. They get mixed up and jumbled in order.

      1. Laura H.

        This has happened to me, how do I get 10 back to the bottom and not mixed up with 1?

      2. Alice

        Yep, there they are! The section names haven’t been changed, they’re just not sorted correctly. It looks like Adobe is now sorting just on the first digit…sections 10, 11, 12 and their associated sub-items all appear in order after section number 1, then sections 2-9 are listed in their correct order after that. I’ll follow the link you shared above to contact Adobe and see if they have a solution. In the meantime, at least I know where to find the “missing” items. Thanks, Matt!

  21. chris barnes

    Thanks for the info but ticking with od LR and ON1.Not going to pay Adobe a monthly fee as LR and PS now my secondary apps

  22. Suzanne Walker

    I upgraded to the new Lightroom Classic CC, but things have changed. I had to reconnect my 2018 DNG files. When I tried to do that, it said they were already in Lightroom (no where I could find), and asked if I wanted to merge the files. Well, that worked, but now all my 2017 DNG files are gone. Those two files are in the same place, and they were there in Lightroom before the new upgrade. What happened?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Suzanne – unfortunately that’s a hard one to troubleshoot. The upgrade shouldn’t have deleted or moved anything, but without being there I unfortunately really can’t tell you where they are. If you at least see ?’s in LR you can right-click and try to “Find Missing Folder”. But other than that I’m afraid I’m not going to be any help.

  23. Rosana

    Is there a way now to create a LUT in Photoshop, export it and import it into ACR/Lightroom?

  24. Rick Richardson


    I love your new profiles. I’ve installed them on my iMac using Lightroom CC Classic (version 7.3 and Camera Raw version 10.3) and had no trouble, but when I tried to install them on my MacBook Air with the same software versions, I got a “The file could not be found”. I checked and both the Adobe and MattK Profiles folders are at this spot:

    Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

  25. Richard

    Bought the Bundle; followed the instructions to the letter, but in the process I discovered that something had converted some (30 or so) of my Develop Presets subfolders containing .lrtemplate presets into identically named subfolders containing .xmp versions of the .lrtemplate presets. Any suggestion as to what I should do about them?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Richard – that was one of the questions covered above. That’s a normal process and you really don’t need to do anything with them. Thx!

  26. Richard

    Point of clarification: These new .xmp files were in the Camera Profiles/Settings folder where you said I was supposed to put your profiles.

  27. Peter

    Re your FAQ:
    Q. Can I make my own profiles?
    A. You sure can! Adobe released an SDK and you can download it here (link). I’ll warn you now… on a techie scale from 1-10, some of this stuff in the SDK is an 18

    I saw on PTC that it is possible to set up a look in photoshop using layers, adjustments etc and then save that as one of your own profiles

  28. Gary Orgles

    All my studio profiles have gone, where can I find them as we use these when we do shoots on location and in the studio. We use the colour checker passport

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Gary. You’d have to contact the Color Chcker folks. They’ll probably have to issue an update to get their profiles to work with the new version.

    2. Michael

      Gary, I also use the ColorChecker Passport, and had no problem finding them in Lightroom 7.3. They’re in the section labeled “Proflies” in the Profiles Browser, and there are B&W versions of them in the Legacy section. So if you’re not seeing them there that sounds like an Adobe issue rather than an X-Rite issue. I’m using a Mac, and the custom profiles are in User Name > Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > CameraProfiles. Not sure where they would be in Windows. But if you’re using a Mac and don’t see them in the right place you might try doing a search for them in the Finder, then copying them to that CameraProfiles folder, then restarting Lightroom.

  29. Nath

    HI Matt, first thanks for all the videos they are very helpful.

    Question, is there a way to pick on of profiles as a default and have that applied to all my images when import them into Lightroom?

  30. labro

    hallo Matt,
    you mentioned somewhere that now gradient map is available thru these profiles to make deep black and white.
    how do you see that ?
    gradient map after a black and white color response manages tones and creates this effect but after that, in photoshop we can change sliders for black and white (ie : 15 and 240) and also add midpoints.
    do you see an opportunity to do that.
    i have always considered lightroom b&w weak b&w so gradient map would be nice.
    are your bundle presets making gradinet map ?


    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Marc. When I created the LUTs I used various gradient map settings, not just the default ones.

  31. labro

    Nice, i have purchased the bundle and it is amazing !
    a stupid question.
    generally in photoshop i am using :
    – a hue/sat adjutsment layer to boost colors
    – a b&w adjutsment layer to play with colors sensitivity
    – a gradient map to play with tones

    now b&w gradient map is a profile and acts as a basic layer so we lose the possibility to play with color response underneath like sky, sand…
    is there a trick ?


  32. Gavin

    I’m fairly new to the world or RAW image processing, but what I’ve heard a lot this week, and seen in this new version of Lightroom – is that Lightroom has now become a “We’ll process your images for you” tool as opposed to “You now have complete creative control of your images.

    Why would I bother shooting Raw if Lightroom isn’t going to default to a completely RAW image for me to start with? I’ve looked at these new profiles and even my inexperienced eye can see that they’re changing my image – too much contrast, too vibrant, loss of detail… I miight as well just shoot to JPEG.

    Looking forward to your thoughts 🙂


    1. salsaguy

      @Gavin – its always put a profile on your RAW image you CANT actually see a raw image as its just data , without a profile (1 only) you wont see ANYTHING at all in any raw viewer like Lr. You can still do whatever you want its raw and its all non destructive. the profile as Matt said in his video is that its just the STARTING point. thats why its the very 1st item in the basic panel as its a MUST to have SOMETHING there. its just a starting look. without the new profiles it actually looks dull and grey and a LOT/MOST people hated their raw images looking dull when the image looked great on the back of their camera (because the camera uses embedded canon/nikon/fuji etc profiles and its already a processed jpg file with contrast and saturation added without asking for your permission. if you want to revolt then revolt about jpg as they are really not doing what you want to do : ) but its nicer to start where you want. you can still change back to the DULL looking profile as before with Adobe Standard (which it was as pre 7.3 update. you are not locked it. and whats nice is profiles is UNDER the layer then the edits you make and then you can add PRESETS on tops of all that for the final style look you want. its all good!

    2. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Gavin – I actually think Adobe is the truest raw image out there. Every other mainstream raw editor I can think of juices your photo automatically for you. You mentioned the profiles taking you away from that. But nobody is forcing you to use one of them. The basic Adobe Color is set by default (as is a default profile set in every raw editor whether you see it or not), and it’s the rawest of raw, with little contrast or saturation. They’ve put the other ones in there for people that like to use them, but it’s not a requirement and it’s not set by default. So I guess I would say the simplest of all answers… if you don’t like it… don’t use it 🙂

  33. salsaguy

    Matt K – Trying to install your free profile pack. I cant seem to find the correct folder to put my 3rd party presets after the Lr 7.3 Classic Update (win10). can you help. I think its here but not sure :
    If I go into Lr preferences menu and say show presets folder it shows me : C:\Users\ssouk\Pictures
    and under that I see the Lightroom subfolder and under that I see Lightroom Settings and my Lrbackup folders and lrcatpreviews folders . so…. where do i put the 3rd part profile? i already udated all 3 porgrams (Lr, Ps and Bridge). thanks Matt your the best!

    1. salsaguy

      never mind i figured it out FiNALLY! For Windows its C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings to drop any folder of 3rd party profiles.. For Mac its under /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings Hope this helps others

  34. Dan Kabat

    What happened to my custom profiles I have made for each of my cameras with the DNG Profile Editor.? Are these no longer valid?

  35. Brett Binns

    Great info Matt. Thanks!

    I am having some trouble though. I had Nikon profiles that matched the in-camera jpeg profiles (Mode 1, 2, 3, Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape) and I would apply the Nikon Landscape profile upon import. I also had a preset (which I used on import) that set profile Nikon Landscape and it would set it correctly in Calibration.

    I found Camera Vivid in the Profile Browser and that looks pretty close to what I expect. I faved it and can select it from the list. So far, so good. Now on to import…

    I attempted to create a preset with nothing checked but the Treatment/Profile and the Process Version checkboxes selected. I did this using an image I had updated to Camera Landscape. The preset creates fine but it has no effect on other images that show “Profile Missing” – what all my images show when I convert them to “Version 4 (current)” Process. (They show Profile “Embedded” if they are still on Version 3.) With the preset not working I am not sure how to set up Import to default to my preferred Profile.

    I also tried Synchronize based on the image I had set the Profile to Camera Vivid in order to update 600 or so recent images to Version 4 and the updated Profile. No luck there either.

    Any idea what’s going on with the Preset, Synchronize, or how to correctly handle Import?

    Thanks for all you do, Matt!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Sorry Brett – ya got me on this one. The only thing I know about embedded is that it’ll show up if it’s not a raw/dng file (meaning the profile was embedded in camera). But it shouldn’t show up for raw/dng files.

      1. Brett Binns

        In this case they are DNG, and I certainly haven’t ever seen Embedded for the Profile before. It seems that the old Nikon profiles have been removed during the upgrade and included in the DNG but not otherwise available. Once we bring the Process Version up to 4, the old Profile is lost completely. The inability to include the Profile in a Preset certainly makes defaulting the Profile for Import impossible (unless there is another mechanism I haven’t discovered yet).

        Thanks for pondering this!

  36. Brett Binns

    Back again! LR is certainly acting differently now and everything is as it should be. I have a theory and that is that stuff was broken while that catalog was being updated. Strangely enough, I am even seeing my legacy Nikon Profiles again, can create functional Presets that adjust the Profile.

    So, if someone else is having similar problems, let it sit and try again later. Mine sat a whole day but I have no idea how much time was needed, or even if my theory is right.


  37. Brett Binns

    Oh well. I just learned something else. It works fine for the D700 and doesn’t work for the D750. That’s what changed above – I was looking at different images from different cameras. All were DNG. I declare a bug! Just FYI for whoever happens upon this…

  38. Wayne Weatherstone

    Hi Matt, is it possible to create a profile to convert film negatives to positives and then apply the profile in Lightroom/ACR without going into Photoshop and using the “control i” function? Thanks

    1. Author
      Matt K

      I don’t think so, but you can always try it. Could be interesting to see what it does.

  39. amir yari

    Hi Matt.
    I find that Presets are very flexible because ACR let me to change the slider in any form, but in Profiles I cant do this. what is benefit of using profiles over presets?
    there is plenty of presets that simulate all of profiles tonality,So why we should use those?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Amir – check out mattk.com/profiles. It’s got a video and an area that talks about this. Hope that helps! Thanks!

  40. Henry

    Hi, when working with profiles and presets in lightroom, I noticed that when I select the profile first then select a preset, lightroom will remove the profile I’ve selected. I’m wondering if I am the only person who has had this issue and if maybe I am doing something wrong. Someone please help!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Henry – Remember that a profile has always been around. It was buried in the Calibration panel, but it was always there and always had a default. So… if a preset had used a profile or had that option checked when it was created (and chances are that it did), it will over-ride the profile you’ve chosen. So you’d just need to go back and choose the profile after the preset is applied. Hope that helps.

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