Making the Switch From Adobe?

Making the Switch From Adobe?

Hi there! In light of some recent Adobe news (and WAY to many click bait titles with false information), I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about switching from Adobe. I can’t answer them all so I realized it was time to do something. So I created a mini...

What’s New in ON1 2019.5 (May 2019 Update)

ON1 just released what they call a “dot 5” update to Photo Raw 2019. It’s traditionally the biggest update between their normal yearly releases (2018, 2019, etc…). I did a quick video on what’s new so you can get up to speed. Also, if...

ON1 Photo 2019 Tip – Merging Layers for Creative Effects

Here’s a tip that went over in a HUGE way when I first showcased it in my ON1 Essential Guide to Landscapes Course. When ON1 added Layers in the 2019 version, the workflow changed quite a bit. Before layers, you never had to worry about what part of a photo you...

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