Ultimate Lightroom Course Extra Stuff (Week 1)

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Hi all. This page is your lifeline for the “extras” for the Ultimate Lightroom Course for Week 1. Keep checking back as it’ll get continually updated with the content as we go through the week. Here’s what you’ll find:

  1. Week 1 Office Hours – all the info you need to sign up and then (after the actual live video), all of the info you need to re-watch and download the video.
  2. Week 1 Top 10 Questions Asked – on Friday, the Top 10 Questions asked video will be listed here as well (and a link to download it).
  3. A place to ask your questions (the comments section at the bottom)

Again, keep checking back throughout the week. We’ll be sending out reminder emails too, but the page will update as I create the content and it gets posted here. Enjoy!

Week 1: Office Hours Recording Available for Download

The video is below. Click here to download the video directly to your computer.

And here’s a few highlights if you want to jump to them (you can scroll through the video to these points)

  • What Are Snapshots – 16:50
  • Wildlife Photo Edit – 23:50
  • Landscape Photo Edit – 53:50
  • Portrait Photo Edit – 57:50

Week 1: Top 10 Questions Asked Video

The video is below. Click here to download the video directly to your computer.


Questions answered cheat sheet with time codes:

  1. What happens if I go shoot somewhere now, and then go back a year later. How to organize? (1:30)
  2. Is there a Dehaze alternative for those that don’t have Lightroom CC? (4:15)
  3. General Creative Cloud Lightroom related questions (6:50)
  4. Questions on using Lightroom and ON1 (8:30)
  5. Can I delete old catalogs? (12:15)
  6. How to move over from Photoshop Elements, Aperture or iPhoto? (13:10)
  7. Does LR automatically save changes to a DNG? (14:10)
  8. Is there a way to work on a desktop and a laptop with Lightroom (15:50)
  9. Viewing Sub-folders in Lightroom (16:50)
  10. Do I need to shoot raw in order to use LR or is JPG good? (18:45)

ALL of Your Questions Are Answered!

I was originally going to answer all of the questions below in the webcast. I figured most people who left a comment wouldn’t be able to make it and I wanted a way for you to ask questions. But then I realized it would be a pain for you to find your question buried in a 75 minute webcast. So, I’ve recored a separate video for each and every question you asked me. Just scroll down, find your name/comment and look at the reply.



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